#Hashtags Of Summer

When the calendar turns to July, many media and fans are left wanting for actual sports stories. How many times can you read the “Mount Rushmore of (insert team name here)” stories already this summer? Or, (Insert team name here) as (insert television show) here?

Oh boy. College football can’t get here soon enough, right? If it’s not those stories above, it’s another athlete getting in trouble for (insert offensive act here).

I don’t know about you but I’m not sure how much more I can take. Do we need reporters “staking out” bookstores now?

Do we need to debate the merits of the All-Star Game anymore? We do it every summer.

Slow news days in the summer (Exhibit A): How many sports outlets really “need” to report on Lamar Odom going off on the paparazzi?


I say, “Stop The Madness”. [Madness was a decent band by the way.]

There are fun stories to be found that don’t involve recycling. I mean, I’m a proponent of recycling but not the recycling of the same, tired story-angles every single summer. One look at my posts and there’s nothing repetitive. Unless you count social media guides, Friday Fun Tweets, fans’ posts and…

Oh, never mind.

Summer is slow in terms of sports news. There aren’t a whole lot of actual sports going on that capture the nation’s (and world’s) attention for an extended period of time. Thus, recycling.

But I am stopping the madness today. How? With a post about hashtags. I may or may not have already done a post on this but these two hashtags I’m highlighting today brought a chuckle…okay, an LOL from me.

Hopefully I won’t recycle this idea again but you never know.


#GronkBookTitles: You might be wondering why NFL Network’s Albert Breer was staking out a bookstore. That’s because there was a book signing going on today by an NFL player. A player who has become a punchline for his off-field exploits despite his talent on it. That’s right ladies and gentleman – New England Patriots’ tight end, Rob Gronkowski, is an author. And it spawned a hashtag.


#LessPopularWrestlers: I first saw this hashtag late Tuesday night. No idea who started it but by Wednesday, it was exploding across the Twitterverse

FB #lesspopularwrestlers


#JetsWestDessert: I’m not sure who started it but I’m guessing it’s one of these two in this tweet. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Brian.
Since the hashtag just started within the past hour, I’m sure you’ll be able to find more later.


Any other fun sports-related hashtags I should know about? Let me know.

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