Tweets Out Of Context

“Twitter really needs a sarcasm font.”


Ever read that one before? In my four years on Twitter, I’ve seen it more times than I can remember. (No, that’s not an age thing.)

The boundary that is 140 characters can be very limiting. It often necessitates the use of multiple tweets, Twitlonger, Sulia or any other number of resources that allow you to tweet beyond the “dreaded 140”, to get your point across. While not ideal, they can help avoid any misunderstandings or overreactions from others. Even then, people may still react because…well…because they can.

As a Twitter (social media) sports reporter, I’m on Twitter a lot. When I say “a lot”, equate that to the amount of time you’re on it in a week and that might be me in a day. Not every single day, mind you, but, oh, never mind.

I see a wide variety of tweets from conversations between friends, media, fans and of course, I see the Twitter fights too. The flip side is that I also see random tweets by people who leave them open for interpretation. Some are so odd that I have to check their previous tweets to see what they’re talking about.

Thus the reason for this post. I took about an hour to collect random tweets from across the sports Twitterverse below. They’re all taken completely out of context so it’s up to you to figure out what each person is talking about. You might be able to figure them out. Then again, you might not. [NOTE: If you have some good tweets out of context, let me know.]

More after the tweets.



If you didn’t know what was happening on Twitter today, you’d probably have no idea what most of these are talking about. Even if you were on Twitter most of the day, you still might not know.  And that’s one of my two points.

Twitter is what I call, the “World’s Largest Sports Bar”. It’s a constant conversation. Whether you’re tweeting about a sporting event or the news of the day or something you read on…Twitter, the conversation never stops. It’s easy to miss someone’s intent in a tweet. Twitter’s vastness also makes it easy to miss some unique perspectives. (Shameless plug: Thus the need for Twitter reporters.)

What’s my other point?

Twitter really needs a #sarcasm font.


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