Failure To Launch: CJ vs CJ

DISCLAIMER: This post had such promise when the idea first popped into my head. But, CJ & CJ failed to take it to its full potential. 


Nothing quite like the NFL offseason. (No arrest talk, I promise)

Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver, Robert Gill, posted this video on YouTube last week – he’s running on a treadmill at 25 mph. NOTE: At last check, over 2.5 million views:


Fast forward to Monday when Chad (OchoCinco) Johnson posted his version of, dare we call it, treadmilling?

Nearing 360k views of that video on YouTube, Johnson’s feat wasn’t very impressive to some people.

Twitter-proficient as Chad Johnson is, he wasn’t about to let this go:

Even fans got involved — trying to get on Chris’ good side, I bet:

Chris decided to up the pressure:

Where will this end? As of today, right there. Not even a reality show. No Instagram or Vine videos taking it further. Just…fizzle.

So disappointing.


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