CadChica’s SSM Digest: June 2013

Did anyone ever tell you that June is the best month of the year?

No? They should have. It truly is. Two world champions crowned. A golf major won. One tennis major completed while another begins. The final collegiate sports championship earned. The last of the triple crown in horse racing run. USA Soccer shining after rocky start to World Cup qualifying. Athlete arrests, auto racing tragedies, my show cancelled, controversial comment/tweets bring firings in college and media, I got another year older and…

I did say it was the best month of the year right? From a sports perspective, June was a good month. It started with such promise (birthday anticipation aside). We witnessed many a great sporting event this month. But, we also were exposed to some unbelievable lows. One, at least.

Sports or non-sports. What was the biggest sports-social media story to you? I struggled to single out just one story. For me, two stories stood out above the rest. They lead off my June Sports Social Media Digest


Lather (regular season). Rinse (playoffs). Repeat (championship).

The Miami Heat won the NBA Championship with a Game 7 victory over the San Antonio Spurs, 95-88. It all seemed so…normal. Expected. Even when the Spurs had a 16-point lead in Game 6, you couldn’t help but feel that the Heat would turn it around. And they did. Behind Finals MVP, LeBron James.

James returned to Twitter after a two-month hiatus

The Heat and James helped ABC become a ratings winner. Given the quality of games, it didn’t need much help, but I’m sure Twitter helped keep eyeballs glued to the television

…as evidenced by this graphic prior to Game 7:

From a sports business perspective, leave it to Nike to on top of things after the victory:


There is no easy way to segue to the other top sports-social media story in June. The story (investigation) preceding Aaron Hernandez’ arrest played out on social media.

The Patriots wasted no time in cutting their ties with Hernandez, announcing on Twitter that he had been released (RTd over 14k times):

But that wasn’t enough. Not only did they release him, the Patriots cut ties in all ways possible:


But, as tends to be the case, the victim often gets lost in the process. Social media attempts to set things right.

Odin Lloyd's sister's Facebook

These two stories were far and away the top stories in June. But there were moments of note that are worth mentioning.


Other Top Moments In June SSM

  • June 1: Bayern Munich. Remember them? The winner of the UEFA Champions League completed a historic German treble (Champions League, Bundesliga and Germany’s DFB-Pokal):
  • June 3: Jason Kidd retires days after his co-Rookie of the Year counterpart, Grant Hill, announced his retirement.

Nets Kidd Instagram

Two weeks later, Kidd would become the Nets’ coach.

  • June 3: Sackmaster. Game-changer. Intimidator. A quick Twitter search of his name yielded those description of an NFL legend who passed away on this day, Deacon Jones. While we remember the highlights of his exploits on the field below, this story, from the Orlando Sentinel, brings to light the racial struggles he faced to a new generation.
  • June 4: Gordon Gee retires. I should probably type that as “retires” after his controversial comments on everything from the SEC to Catholics. Sports Illustrated published the below comments via SoundCloud in this article:

Some Twitter reaction:

  • June 7 and 11: The US Men’s Soccer Team played in a two key games in early June as part of the World Cup Qualifying process. The first, held on June 7, gave us this surreal strike in stoppage time from the Seattle Sounders’ (“my” team) Brad Evans.

Evans’ reaction

Seattle would come into play again on June 11th as the team played Panama before a boisterous Seattle crowd. The crowd and atmosphere Seattle brought became just as much a part of the story as the team’s 2-0 win.

One last word about the 7th. A very classy tweet from the Penguins as they wished the Bruins well in their quest for the Cup:

  • June 8: Another year, another forgettable birthday. Another year, another forgettable Triple Crown series in horse racing. This, we already knew, after the Preakness Stakes in May. But the races are still run. Palace Malice was your Belmont winner. PM was a winner on Twitter too.

But the day did produce another French Open trophy for Serena Williams. C’est magnifique!

Just as the Penguins displayed class with their Bruins tweet, the Kings followed suit with their Blackhawks tweet:

In tech news, completely non-sports, in the fall release of iOS7, we found out that Siri will now have the option of being a male voice. Naturally, an idea (hashtag) was born:

My choice tops them all:

  • June 17: I’m skipping a week’s worth of news (NBA Finals beginning, Cubs player suspended for his tweets, NASCAR’s Jason Leffler killed in accident, US Open golf, Johnny Manziel and my show cancellation) because this story made huge waves across not only social media but radio, tv and newspapers.

The first few tweets signaled this would not be a good day for a radio station in Atlanta:

For those who haven’t heard it, listen below (h/t SB Nation):

As David Roth put it in this article,

“…the people doing these shows think so little of their audience — which they know as a male, sports-fan demographic with certain habits as consumers and (thus? also?) apparently horny, rage-filled idiot werewolves — that they believe this is the sort of thing that their audience wants.”

My friend, Brian Floyd – Managing Editor for SB Nation, tweeted it far better than I could:

In a Twitter chat two days later, not everyone was so quick to agree with the hosts firings:

  • June 21-23: Pictures began to emerge of damage that record-setting rain and flooding in Calgary caused. Loss of lives and livestock are no small matter. The amount of devastation rocked the Canadian city. And that includes the home of the Calgary Flames – The Saddledome:

Make no mistake. They are a resilient city and country. They respond and they’re ready.

  • June 24: Two goals. Seventeen seconds.

Speechless. Amazed. Down 2-1 in Game 6 to the Boston Bruins and in 17 seconds, the Chicago Blackhawks not only tied the game but take the lead and the Stanley Cup.

I covered the victory more, here. This pic of the Blackhawks’ parade on June 28th shows how much the city of Chicago loves their  team:

  • June 26: In addition to the Aaron Hernandez arrest mentioned above, it was an unforgettable day at Wimbledon. Withdrawals and upsets ruled the day.


There are many more stories that I simply could not cover: Rafael Nadal wins French Open but upset in first round of Wimbledon; Indiana qualified for their first ever trip to the College World Series; UCLA wins the College World Series; Dodgers-Yankees Twitter duel; classic games in the Confederations Cup; the debut of tiny Tahiti in the Confederations Cup and their wonderful Twitter account; Vin Scully and Verne Lundquist briefly on Twitter; Instagram contests; Alex Rodriguez joining Twitter and…I am out of breath just reading all of my notes because there’s so much more.

What will July hold? The first day has started off with a bang (Twitter handle trade and another Wimbledon upset). But will the dog-days of summer find us grasping for sports-social media stories? I certainly hope not. Until next time, I leave you with a tweet from today:


CadChica Sports

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