“Divorcing Twitter”

Have you ever read a tweet that says someone is leaving Twitter?

I have. To be honest, it’s rare that I check back to see if they stuck with it. So I couldn’t tell you if the majority stick with it or not. One friend is currently attempting to do just that. Let’s just say he’s trying his very best.

But what happens when someone famous like an athlete “announces” it?

Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver, Antonio Brown, tweeted the above out yesterday afternoon.

“Divorcing twitter”.

That’s a new one. I’ve heard of sabbaticals, temporary breaks, hiatuses, but never a divorce from Twitter. How did his fans/followers take it? You be the judge.

Antonio Brown's fans tweet back









This fan gets it!


And that’s really the question? Will Brown really “divorce” Twitter? I’m having my doubts after this tweet he sent a short time later:

As of this 3:30am PT, at least 904 of his fans didn’t want him to leave. 78 of them, however, well…

RTs of Antonio Brown's tweet***

As Twitter has grown in the last few years, so has the number of athletes flocking to it. It’s where the “action” has been – where the “people” hang out. Some have stuck with it. Others join and let it fall by the wayside. It can be time-consuming if you let it. For athletes who need to train year round, sometimes, it’s too much distraction. Maybe that’s the case for Brown.

He wouldn’t be the first NFL player to step aside from Twitter. Arian Foster made headlines (yes, headlines) when he tweeted this:

Foster hasn’t tweeted since that day.

LeBron James went dark during the Miami Heat’s championship playoff run this year. James did the same thing last year when Miami won the title in 2012. Maybe there’s something to this “divorcing Twitter”. 

What do you think? Good idea? Or are athletes missing out?


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