#SMsports: Tuesday Tidbits

Twitter Tidbits: Stories that are flying under the radar, or dominating conversation.


Yesterday, I shared with you in our Tidbits that Alex Rodriguez had joined Twitter. It was a mixed bag of sorts for Rodriguez in terms of his mentions. Still is today.

One, however, stands out amongst the tweets.

I’d say the chances are that Rodriguez (or his PR team, if they’re smart) won’t reply. Canseco is usually a “hugs” kind of guy. But, they do have a history.

On a whim, I thought I’d check to see if Jose actually decided to follow Alex. No such luck.

Who Jose follows

For what it’s worth, he does follow Justin Bieber. Hugs for the Biebs?


The NBA Draft is right around the corner. Okay, 2 days away. I’m currently working on my Social Media Guide for the draft but I came across something the NBA is doing now, pre-draft, that I thought was fun and engaging for the fans. It’s called:

Vote For Nerlens Noel’s Draft Night Suit

There are three different options available like this one (via NBA.com):

Nerlens Noel predraft suit vote

In terms of suits that I think would look good on him, the one above is the best choice. It’s currently in second-place behind the one I think would look the worst of the three. Go here to see all three choices and to cast your own vote.


When I wrote about Twitter Takeovers, it was because it seemed like they were becoming a popular thing to do. Not sure if it was just a lucky guess on my part but it seems as though they are the norm now. One today and one tomorrow.

Nothing controversial of note today. Given the past surrounding his contract, it’s interesting to see Jackson’s answer to this question:


Twitter chats can be helpful tools for those working in the social media business. Exchanging ideas, talking out concepts about what’s working in “social business” and sports are a must-do for anyone in sports/social media.

Yet, for all of the analyzing of what teams/leagues/schools/athletes “should” be doing,  I think the best way to find out what works is simply to ask. Personally, if you ask me that means you want my input. While it shouldn’t be done all of the time, asking what fans want from their Twitter (or any social media) account, shows that the fan opinion matters. Well done, Jets and US Open.


ICYMI: Washington State head football coach, Mike Leach, tweeted these late last night.

I mention this now as I know there are plenty of movie buffs on my Twitter timeline. A great start to his list? Or is he missing the boat? Can’t wait for the rest of the list.


Tidbits Of The Day

Vine Of The Day

Playoff hockey is over – say goodbye to the beard.


Tweets of the Day

It was a Twitter smack RT’d over two-thousand times

…but they probably should have done a little more checking first.


Pic of the Day

History tweeted from Pam Shriver


Video Of The Day

There are other fan reaction videos out there and although this is a bit fuzzy, it’s fantastic.


CadChica Sports

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