#SMsports: Championship Tidbits

Twitter Tidbits: Stories or items that are flying under the radar, or dominating the conversation.



After a big comeback in Game 6 on Tuesday night, the Miami Heat needed every ounce of energy they had left tonight in Game 7 to defeat the San Antonio Spurs, 95-88 for their third NBA title. LeBron James was the MVP.

End of game-talk.

I’m not here to write about the game, the key moments, the officiating or any of that. Doing what I do best, here are some of the instant reactions, or in this case, videos, after the Heat won their championship. Today’s Twitter Tidbits. 


Happy times in Miami fandom tonight:

Yes, yes, it’s a little crazy, yes 


There’s always a flip side. Always. This kid gets it:

Obviously, not everyone was happy:

I think all Spurs fans feel this way right now:


Why wait for the city to throw a parade?


As of publication, I’m still waiting for LeBron’s first tweet in over two months. Still waiting on his first Instagram since April too. At least the Heat owner tweeted before my day was through:

But since this is my Tidbits post for Thursday and Thursday is almost over, all I can say now is congratulations to the Miami Heat. But, I think this fan said it best (only because I like hockey):


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