#SMSports: Twitter Tidbits

Twitter Tidbits: Stories or items that are flying under the radar, or dominating the conversation.


When a death of a famous person occurs, the Twitterverse responds quickly. Quickly doesn’t always mean accurately. It’s become a joke now that “Twitter killed” someone…when they’re really still alive. It only takes a tweet.

And it only takes a tweet to bring sad news: 

While this may not be a sports story, it certainly resonated across the sports Twitterverse today. RIP Mr. Gandolfini. RIP.


Not to continue the sadness but the racing world had to say goodbye to one of their own today.


In sports, today was a fantastic day on the pitch. The Confederations Cup going on in Brazil provided scoring that even non-soccer fans had to love. Yes, I said “had to”.

NeymarYes, that’s Brazil’s Neymar showing some nifty (jaw-dropping) skills. Brazil defeated Mexico, 2-0. With Neymar leading the way with a goal and an assist, Mexico was no match for Brazil.

Not everything was jaw-dropping in the second game, however. Scratch that. Jaw-dropping for other reasons:

Japan own goal

[via Yahoo! Soccer]

Two penalty kicks (one controversial). Multiple lead changes and a rally by the Italian team as they defeat Japan, 4-3. Seven goals! It was crazy fun action!


As the saying goes, “Because It’s The Cup”. The Twitterverse is watching #BecauseItsTheCup


Yes, NHL, you’re heading to OT as of publication time.

*UPDATED* Blackhawks Win!

NHL Game 4 OT winner

[via Yahoo! Sports]

Like I said, “Because It’s The Cup”


Another day, another pair of Twitter Takeovers. But these, these were well worth it for sports fans.

Up first today was legendary broadcaster, Verne Lundquist, with a takeover of the Golf On CBS Twitter account.

Taking questions on sports and non-sports, I think this was my favorite:

Not to be outdone, as I posted in yesterday’s Tidbits, legendary in his own right, Vin Scully, did a Twitter Takeover of the Dodgers account. But this one took place during the second game of the Dodgers-Yankees doubleheader. Mixing insight, history and in-game action, the tweets made you feel as if you were listening to him during the game itself.

A classy Scully opener:

And a classy Scully closer:


Tidbits Of The Day

Tweet of the Day:

Pic of the Day:

Arnold fan tattooVideo of the Day:

[h/t ClipNation]


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