Friday Fun Tweets

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Is it? Could it be? It’s baaaaa-ack!

The return of the legendary “Friday Fun Tweets”. Well, for one day at least. Now that my calendar has suddenly opened up, I’m going back to one of the things I started out doing best: finding fun, funny, curiously odd and more tweets of the week.


The end of the conference finals brings us to the greatest playoffs in pro sports: The Stanley Cup Finals. As Boston and Chicago began their quest for the cup on Wednesday, we look back at the losers. Oops, sorry. Pardon me. Let me be politically correct: the ones who did not reach their goal.

The Stanley Cup Finals started on Wednesday. And extended into Thursday with a triple overtime instant classic: 


Before the Stanley Cup final began, the quest for the…O’Brien Trophy commenced. About all you need to know for Game 1:

All you need to know for Game 2, courtesy of Steph Curry, who did a Twitter Takeover of the SportsCenter Twitter account and the infamous Celebrity HotTub (who we haven’t quite figured out yet):

No takeover for Metta World Peace (thankfully not like this one), but his running “tweetmentary” during the finals so far has been quite unique:

I Storified Metta’s tweets from last night, here. But Samuel L Jackson tells it like it is:

And Kevin Durant:


A regret this week had to be my failure to travel to Seattle for the USA vs Panama World Cup Qualifying match on Tuesday. What did I miss? Everything:


A Few Twitter Tidbits

You could look at this tweet for what it is (which is funny). Or, you could say “Man, how much do you drink?”:

If I were into astrology, then I’d say yes to this tweet. But then again, Kanye West shares my birthday so never mind:

Tweets of the week? Two, from Curt Schilling;

Our picture of the week, however, comes from David Price:


In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, let’s end our return to Friday Fun Tweets with social media king, Jimmy Fallon, “honoring” fathers everywhere:


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