Twisted Twitter Takeover

Recently, I wrote about the surge of Twitter accounts being taken over by others in my post, “Twitter Takeovers“. The popularity continues to gain steam even today with the @MLB@Dodgers and @Braves Twitter accounts being taken over by the comedy video website folks at “Funny Or Die”. Count me as a huge fan of Twitter Takeovers. They’re (usually) fun, informative, engaging and (usually) harmless. 

And then I came across a series of tweets that made me re-think that opinion, ever so slightly:

The player formerly known as Ron Artest was taking a break from Twitter.  And while Metta World Peace takes a break, Ron Artest “takes over”. Let’s just refer to them/him as “RonMetta” or “MettaRon”, shall we?

Oh Lord…what are we in for with this one?  


It’s a fight!! 

“MettaRon” won’t take this lying down: 

One of them showed their creative side by coining a new word:

A “twepisode”. Stranger words have been formed. “Stranger” being the key word.

Our twepisode concluded until today:

Well said, RonMetta/MettaRon. Well said.


EXTRA INNINGS POST: My favorite tweets from the aforementioned “Funny Or Die” Takeover today



A double-play from MLB:


CadChica Sports

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