#NFLDraft 2013: Round 1’s Best Tweets

We made it. 

The first round of the NFL Draft is over in under 4 hours time. A “heavy” dose of lineman permeated this first round with Central Michigan’s, Eric Fisher, going #1 overall to the Kansas City Chiefs. In all, nine offensive lineman were taken in the first 32 picks. 

Deciding which team “won” this first round is pointless to me. None of these players have played yet. No impacts have been made on their team as of yet. Who won on Twitter? I have a few winners starting off with perhaps the classiest tweet of the night: 

At last check RTd over 10k times:  

You know someone’s happy about an offensive lineman being drafted: 

Can’t leave off tweets from the #1 pick: 

I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t include tweets about “my” team, the Raiders. In a stunner of stunners, they actually had a decent first round (Code for – they didn’t blow it)

Thank goodness this wasn’t a tweet pertaining to “my” Raiders: 

If there was an honorable mention category, my cohort(s) at UNITE would get it for this: 

But without a doubt, this is my favorite tweet of the first round: 


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