#NFLDraft 2013: No Tweeting Zone

During last year’s NFL Draft, a mini-uproar occurred when NFL reporters, such as ESPN’s Adam Schefter and (then) NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora, tweeted out draft pick selections prior to them being made. A small, vocal minority were upset that announcements on television were being “spoiled” by tweets.

Fast forward to this year, when word came down that both NFL Network and ESPN agreed to show restraint during the 2013 draft tomorrow.  As NFL Network puts it: 

“The networks have a “gentleman’s agreement” about not revealing too much, too soon.” 

Both the NFL Network and ESPN are broadcast partners with the NFL for the draft. The decision is logical from a business standpoint.

But not everyone will be following this plan. LaCanfora, who is now with CBS Sports (not an NFL draft broadcast partner), will be tweeting whatever information he has available to him. In a Q&A with Sherman Report:

What event is made more for Twitter than the NFL draft? If the teams have the information; if the guys in the production truck have the information; if the commissioner has the information; why wouldn’t passionate football fans want it as well?”

LaCanfora took to Twitter to reaffirm his decision, and call out those who disagree with it: 

Who is right and who is wrong in this argument? Both. 

Twitter is a choice.  Fans who don’t want to know ahead of time can choose not to be on Twitter or don’t follow those who will be tweeting the picks, like LaCanfora.  From a business perspective, if fans are complaining (even if it’s a minority opinion), I can understand why the NFL Network and ESPN have chosen to take this step. The question is, how effective will it be if others like LaCanfora are tweeting picks before they happen? Will they be “missing” the boat on being a news provider on Twitter? 

One other key name to keep an eye on tomorrow is Fox Sports’, Jay Glazer. Glazer has a reputation for dropping Twitter NFL news that others haven’t even sniffed at yet. Here is what he had to say on Twitter today, one of which was an extra long tweet below: 

The complete text of that tweet: 

So let me get this straight gang, you WANT us to tell you who ur team is picking

when you ask for mock drafts a month b4 the draft but you DON’T WANT

us to tweet them to you a minute before?

Glazer did follow it up with this tweet: 

Now it’s your turn. Vote below on whether tweeting picks before they happen is a good thing or not. 


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