Louisville Cardinals’ (Social) Championship

Left it hanging. I left this post hanging in blog-draft purgatory. Incomplete. Never having met the “Publish” button. Which begs the question (no, not “why”): To Delete Or Not To Delete? That’s a tough one. Is this post out of date? If so, delete. If not, why the heck didn’t I publish it. 

As tempting and easy as deleting it sounds, I believe there are still a few Louisville fans out there who might want to see (relive) a bit of social media perspective from their championship night. No further additions or edits were made (it could probably use it). So, enjoy Louisville fans.


Louisville won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship with an 82-76 victory over the Michigan Wolverines. Thrilling. Exciting. And a phenomenal way to end this 2012-13 college basketball season. 


Let’s see how some Louisville fans enjoyed the game and moment:

CadChica Sports

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