Hard to imagine I wrote this in 2011. Ahead of my time perhaps and yet, I find that it is needed more now than when I wrote it back then.

CadChica Sports

What is the greatest tool ever invented for the sports fan?


Seriously! Where else can you dialogue with media, athletes, agents and fans all in one place? That’s right, Twitter. 

If I have a question, I have been able to ask it (and get it answered) by nationally known sports media only on Twitter. Interested in an athlete’s mindset going into a game? Check Twitter. Curious to know the latest in college conference realignment, coaching rumors or recruiting ‘gossip’? You got it….Twitter. It has become my main source for sports news today.

That is not to say that it is perfect because it is not. One person’s tweet can stir up a plethora of theories which turn into “fact” which are shot down as “lies” which are refuted with “sources” and the beat goes on and on and on. It can be dizzying to catch up later to see what you missed. You almost feel like George Jetson saying: JANE STOP THIS…

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