Socially Achieving In Sports

The Boston Celtics reached one million followers today. Well, they were about to when they tweeted this: 

Once there, they decided to have a little giveaway: 

A faithful blog on the Celtics decided to have a little fun with it: 

Congratulations to the Celtics on one million. Contests are great and all but…

On the same day the Celtics reach one million, the Lakers reach three million. Kind of ironic isn’t it? Two storied franchises reach their respective Twitter milestones on the same day. Celtics are celebrating while the Lakers simply say thanks. Interpret that as you will. 

The Lakers lead the NBA with the most followers, according to But, the NBA, and all other American teams pale in comparison to those playing the world’s game. Football/futbol/soccer. 

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid (soccer’s version of the Lakers-Celtics for the uninitiated) lead the way, per, with over eight million and seven million followers, respectively. According to the  Top 20 chart below, they dominate on Facebook too: 

Sports Teams on Twitter   Fan Page List

Not quite sure why actual leagues, like the NBA and NFL, are listed but it does add to the context of how popular the world’s game is. FC Barcelona thanked fans upon reaching 8 million:

While I did not find a 7 millionth follower tweet from Real Madrid, they did acknowledge their Spanish Twitter account’s achievement of 5 million followers: 

Congratulations to all of the teams on their “social” achievements. But this has me thinking…should teams always celebrate a “social” achievement”? This question could be answered by fans, just as well as it could by sports business/marketing folks. Every time a team or league reaches another million plateau, is a “thanks” tweet enough? Here is what the MLB did when they reached 1 million in 2010:

Again, I was unable to find anything for 2 millionth, 3 millionth or 4 millionth follower. No giveaways. No celebrations.

That’s not to say there weren’t. There could have been and I just didn’t find them. But then again, maybe they don’t feel the need. A look at MLB’s Twitter account, they are fairly active with other contests, giveaways throughout the year.  So maybe 1 million is the end-all be-all for follower contests when it comes to sports leagues/teams. Provided they’re doing other engaging-contests throughout the year, maybe that is sufficient. 

What do you think? Am I off-base sports biz/marketing people? 


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