When 7Up Got Onioned

It’s not often that I venture into topics outside of sports/social media on my blog. But today, I am, because of an interesting tweet: 

Now I didn’t see this tweet first. I saw a retweet by The Onion of this one: 

Because The Onion retweeted it, I was compelled to look further into this. Today Now? Never heard of it. That’s not saying much since I do not watch morning tv shows. Checking the @TodayNow Twitter profile, I noticed the website link: 

Today Now   todaynow  on TwitterThat site (http://www.theonion.com/shows/today-now/) takes you to The Onion’s “Shows” page: 

Today Now    Video   The Onion   America s Finest News SourceNOTE: “Sponsored by”

One would think that the people at 7UP would check the website or at the very least, check to see if  @TodayNow is a verified account (it’s not). Granted the check mark isn’t foolproof but a business can’t be too careful these day – have to start somewhere. 

The Onion continued the repartee:

7UP, still clueless, sent their reply: 

No word as of post time whether this relationship has been “consummated”. I did try to reach out to 7UP, via Twitter, to give them a “heads up”: 

Sadly, the 7UP people aren’t checking their Mentions as I have not received a reply. Or they did, and are too embarrassed to tweet anything. Or too busy trying to come up with a creative way to cover their backsides? 

One last thing: Some of the replies to 7UP’s tweets are…just as clueless. 

Or maybe this is all just a ruse to something so creative it’s beyond me. 

It is Monday after all. 


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