Sounders’ Vine Opener

Nearly the moment I heard about Vine, I was an instant fan. The beauty of Twitter’s Vine App for me is simple.


Without having to click the link to open up another tab or window, Twitter users can see Vine posts immediately. In today’s instant-gratification, social media driven-world, that is a huge asset.

The use of Vine is growing, slowly at first when introduced in January, but in the last few weeks, we’ve seen that growth increase…rapidly.

While no sport league or team has seized the use of it for a full season yet, the start of the Major League Soccer (MLS) season gives us the opportunity to see it in action. And what a way it started from the Seattle Sounders’ club, media and fans (all Vines were taken pregame):

That last one from SB Nation’s MLS Manager, Jeremiah Oshan, is a display of the infamous Seattle Sounders’ tifo, displayed by the Emerald City Supporters (ECS). The unfurling of the tifo display is something fans look forward to. Last season, fans who could not attend the game had to settle for pictures of the tifo on Twitter or blogs.

Not now.

Not with Vine.

Here’s hoping fans will continue to jump on the Vine bandwagon.

Game note: Sounders lost 1-0. To Montreal. Sigh.


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