Vine: Taking Sports To The Next Social Level

2013 is the year that I believe video will make a huge leap in social. I said that in 2012 not really knowing about the Vine App that was to come on Twitter. But in January of this year, Twitter announced their new mobile service, Vine, was now available for use.  The brilliance of it is that the 6-seconds of video footage embeds directly into your tweet. No clicking a lick to open another window or tab to view it (like Instagram photos).  

We are starting to see more of it coming into use at sporting events. Take these tweets from the last few days, for example, featuring college basketball, auto racing and soccer (media):

The pit crew footage is of special note here. Watching any race, you’ll get your standard shots from the pit areas. But with Vine, you get views from a perspective completely different from the television broadcast. 

In terms of sports/social media, Vine is a valuable tool whether you’re a fan, media member or team/athlete. The length of Vine videos may be a drawback for some (only 6 seconds), but sometimes in sports, that’s all you need to tell a story. Even if sometimes that story  has nothing to do with sports:

UPDATED: Ronda Rousey made history tonight. The first female headliner for UFC at UFC 157 tonight. She won…with an armbar, naturally. A few Vine videos from the fight, including ones from her sister, Maria Burns-Ortiz.



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