LET’S GO!!!! #SaveOlympicWrestling

For reasons that could only be described as ___________, the International Olympic Committee kicked Olympic Wrestling to the curb last week. Although it was a sport that the United States excelled at, it clearly was a treasured sport by other countries in the world. While I do not claim to be a “fan” of wrestling, I have watched it on occasion and appreciate all the complexities of it. 

There was considerable surprise and outrage about it in social media. But I stumbled across this video today that sums up the passion of those in the sport. If this doesn’t get you fired up to #SaveOlympicWrestling, then nothing will. Great job by Gregory Sanders on this video.

I’m ready! LET’S GO!!

Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or wherever.

It’s worth sharing…and saving the sport!


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2 comments on “LET’S GO!!!! #SaveOlympicWrestling

  1. Harry Funk says:

    They’ll figure this out sometime before 2020. There’s a lot of support for keeping wrestling. And lots of those guys are big and strong!!!

  2. harryLfunk says:

    They’ll figure this out by 2020. Too much tradition. And too many big, strong guys they’re crossing!

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