Hump Day Was Gusgasm Day

Longtime announcer, Gus Johnson, did something he’s never done before today. He called a UEFA Champions League match. Not just any match, mind you, but Manchester United vs Real Madrid.

Gus Johnson, formerly with CBS Sports (think “March Madness”), now with FOX Sports can be a slightly polarizing announcer in the world of sports media. With the excitement Johnson brings to any sporting event he calls, fans (and media) either love him or hate him. Some think his “schtick” is too much over-the-top. Others, like me, love the passion he brings to a game. Often times, that excitement results in, what we like to call on social media, a “Gusgasm”.

FWIW, the Urban Dictionary defines a “gusgasm” as:

An epic call by Gus Johnson, the best sportscaster today.

Gusgasm was truly an expectation from a few on Twitter today when the match began.


Gus has his fans. He has his detractors too both in media and fandom.


A slightly mixed bag. Interesting to see how media types perceived Johnson’s debut. As one tweet said, Johnson will have plenty of time to improve before he becomes the voice of the 2018 World Cup. Personally, I thought it was a solid debut. But I watch soccer for the soccer. True, an announcer can either enhance a game or make it unwatchable. But  it’s not enough to make me “love” or “hate” someone for their announcing which some have done with Johnson [Grantland has more here]. If an announcer is annoying, mute the sound or don’t watch (complaining is too easy).

Johnson has time to get more of a feel for the “beautiful game”. But for those who aren’t fans of his announcing, I don’t think five years will change their opinion.


My favorite tweet from today’s “Gusgasm” fest:


CadChica Sports

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