Just Another Chica Monday

Off-season? There is no such thing. Not when it comes to the NFL and especially not when it comes to the NFL and social media.

Given that it’s Monday, the plan was to just post a few tweets by, now former, Bills’ player, Nick Barnett. I say former because Barnett announced on Twitter today that he had been informed of his release.

Was planning on mentioning how that’s another example of an athlete controlling the story with social media. I am an advocate for athletes using social media to their advantage. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, when done appropriately. And Barnett did exactly that.

Michael Vick did that today too. After it was announced that he was re-signing with the Philadelphia Eagles, Vick sent out this tweet (which as of this writing has been retweeted over 3600 times):

Simple. To the point. Non-controversial. Right?

Reactions were mixed from fans:






The Grammy Awards were yesterday. The only thing that matters from the show (which I followed mostly on Twitter):



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