Getting It

Some athletes just get it.

There aren’t too many people who I’ve heard from or read about that don’t like the Arizona Cardinals’, Larry Fitzgerald. By all accounts, he is a nice guy off the field and on (albeit a fierce competitor). And just as he appears to be engaging in interviews, he does so on social media too.

Late last year, Fitzgerald invited fans to be a part of a mosaic poster.

The finished product can be seen here.

He makes a connection with the fans that fans want. Fans want to interact with their favorite athletes. And they want to be a “part” of an athlete’s life. Not in some stalking, weird, worshipful way. The normal, “non-fanatical” fan just wants perhaps one moment of an athlete’s time. [Thus explains the increase of fans asking athletes/celebrities for an RT. It’s today’s “autograph” but that’s a story for another day.]

Larry Fitzgerald understands that and communicates with fans the way they want – with, not to.


Another athlete that who is newer to Twitter but is clearly “getting it” is Kobe Bryant. Take a look  at this tweet today:

The Los Angeles Lakers are playing at the Brooklyn Nets tonight. No matter what you think of him, Kobe is a huge star with fans around the world. What he did was smart in that even though he’s not in his home city, he’s engaging his fans no matter where they are.

It didn’t take long for someone to win his contest:

Kobe gets it.


“Getting it” is not just limited to athletes. Last year, the Los Angeles Kings’ gained notoriety during the Kings’ run to the Stanley Cup with their Twitter account. Documented here by SB Nation, they brought humor, sarcasm and an occasional “slam” of another team which helped (again) engage fans.

While the shortened NHL season is still in its early stages, the Kings prove that they’ve still got it.

Kings get it and they are hip to the times.

Hope they didn’t eat too many pancakes.


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