Kick ’em When They’re Down?

Soccer is a beautiful game. Teams have some of the most passionate fan bases in the world of sports. America has the NFL as its king but the world has Soccer/Football/Footy/Futbol. The pressure for teams/clubs to win is, in my opinion, unparalleled.

And because of that pressure, sometimes players do some ‘questionable’ things.

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard was attempting to get the ball. The Swansea ball boy was on top of it. Hazard did what you saw above. I’ll leave it up to you for interpretation as to whether he kicked the ball boy or was trying to clear the ball as Chelsea FC stated here (Also see UPDATE at the bottom):

Chelsea FC deleted the original tweet [Link here:]

I have replaced it with an RT of it and a screen shot:

Chelsea tweet

Questionable that Chelsea should tweet something like that. Reaction was swift on Twitter (as is usually the case). Some serious. And some, slightly humorous.

Apparently, the ball boy is on Twitter. I say apparently because multiple outlets are reporting it, such as MSN/UK and Buzzfeed. But as of this posting, it hasn’t been confirmed by “Charlie Morgan” himself. The tweet that the outlets are reporting is his has over 25K retweets as of this posting.

Regardless, there will be questions going forward. Two interesting tidbits here:

Another Alexi Lalas tweet for the win:


***UPDATE: Chelsea has apologized for their earlier tweet***

Chelsea FC  chelseafc  on Twitter


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