Ravens’ Smith And The “Kill Yourself” Tweet

An interesting tweet from Baltimore Ravens’ wide receiver, Torrey Smith, came across my timeline this morning.

In light of recent sports news, rather than just taking his word for it, I decided to check out some tweets for myself. Upon initial review, I didn’t see too many offensive tweets. Pats fans may have been a little defensive:

Sophia Stanton Cross  Cherriasian42  on Twitter

A AP Mitty  MittyDrugz  on Twitter

But the question remains:

Brooks Hadaway  Sports_Guy52  on Twitter

Digging a little deeper, I came across one that was intriguing, to say the least. Especially since it took place on Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Shahzeb Khan, if that is really is his name, has some issues. Torrey Smith, as is his right, retweeted Khan, but with some kind words.

Torrey Smith  TorreySmithWR  on Twitter

Unfortunately, that didn’t make Khan very happy.

Shahzeb Khan tweet 2

Because Smith retweeted him, Khan began hearing it from all sides.

Wayne Wilson  wayne_wilson73  on Twitter

Macy Anne Murray  macyfbaby23  on Twitter

Stephen Smith  Stephen_Smith16  on Twitter

Yes, Khan got himself into a few Twitter fights with apparent Smith’s fans. Still not satisfied, Khan tweeted this:

Shahzeb Khan  tweet 3

What possesses someone to tweet “kill yourself” to anyone? Is this normal behavior for this Khan guy? I decided to look a little further into his Twitter timeline, one of which elicits an “aww” moment or an “excuse me while I throw up” moment, which you can figure out yourself which one that is:

Shahzeb Khan tweet 4

Shahzeb Khan tweet 5

Shahzeb Khan tweet 6

But there was one tweet, ONE TWEET, that became a “stop me in my tracks” moment from January 12th:

Shahzeb Khan tweet 7

One week, he has “mad respect” and the next week he’s telling one of their players to go “kill yourself”.

Fanatics make all the sense in the world, don’t they?


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3 comments on “Ravens’ Smith And The “Kill Yourself” Tweet

  1. Jacob says:

    Wow, I feel sad for the author of this article. Sure shahzeb contradicts himself, but so does every teenager out there. Obviously there’s some concern over racism, but he isn’t the only one to say the “n” word and not be African American. The amount of hate he received from this is unneeded. He was just an upset fan, he wasn’t actually hoping that Torrey would kill himself. The second comment he made just shows how upset he was. So what if he is a big fan of the patriots? There are worse cases in which the people have actually killed themselves over the loss of their favorite team. The ridicule and hate he has received is unneeded and this article just publicizes the incident even more. The twitter fights he got into is easily seen as him tired of receiving hate from ravens fans. If you were to analyze most teen twitters you could point out a flaw about it, and then indirectly offering a viewpoint of his “face that makes you want to throw up”? Seriously, reevaluate your life. If you need to attack someone’s appearance in order to show how “fanatical” they are, you have failed as a reporter for twitter news.

    • If “the amount of hate he received” is unneeded, then perhaps he shouldn’t have tweeted it in the first place.
      He put it out there for the world to see. Doesn’t excuse other fans “attacking” him. It’s all ridiculous. Teenager or not, only someone who wants a reply tweets something like that to an athlete.

      Fans need to learn that if they’re going to tweet hateful, negative, derogatory statements at athletes, then perhaps it is fans who need to “get a life”.

      As for attacking his appearance, this is an incorrect statement and you might want to re-read the post again.

      Thank you, Jacob.

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