A Patriots Fan “Warms” My Raider Heart

I miss L.A.


Never thought I’d say that about L.A. but I do. After a “Blogs With Balls” and NFLPA weekend there (read about my weekend here), coming home to single digit weather last night felt oh-so-slightly-sarcastically cruel. With the cold weather here in the Pacific Northwest, staying in bed under the warm covers sounds like a much better option than work.

Nevertheless, work calls and work I did today, or at least attempted to. Twitter was having issues today. Why? Perhaps a holiday and an inauguration caused Twitter to go off the deep-end. As of right now, it asks for privacy while they work on their “personal” issues. (Not really.)

So pardon me for a short post today. But after watching the end of the Patriots-Ravens game in the airport yesterday, I honed in on an idea that brought a “warm” smile to my face. 

If you’re a Raiders fan like me, you’ll appreciate it. 

*** CadChica language warning: Don’t click if you don’t want to hear cussing.

The Tuck Rule still stings but every Pats loss in the playoffs is a healing balm to my heart.


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