Social Media Turning NFL Fans Into Hooligans

Yesterday, I wrote about fans crossing the line on Twitter. Today, however, appears to be even worse:

The AP story itself does not go into details, other than to say Akers reported the threats to authorities and the NFL. His account has also been deleted. With his account deleted, I am unable to find the threatening tweets he received. But a Twitter search of his name, reveals this one:

I am not saying this is considered a death threat but it does give you an idea of fans taking their fandom overboard. Need more proof of fans’ mindset?

Joking or not, if this was the mindset of fans whose team WON the NFC West, you can only imagine what the tweets were that caused Akers to delete his Twitter account.

Let me say that again: the 49ers WON THE NFC WEST.

And in my post yesterday, the Packers WON the NFC Central. WON. Which leads me to one conclusion:

Fans on social media are becoming the American version of soccer hooligans.


On a much brighter note, I wanted to pass along this Twitter tidbit. Former Lakers’ and Bulls’ coach and 11-time NBA title winner, Phil Jackson, gave his longtime girlfriend, Jeannie Buss (daughter of Lakers’ owner, Jerry Buss), an engagement ring. That news alone doesn’t interest me. But this retweet and comment to it below was perfect:

Jeannie Buss gets her ring***

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