2012: Don’t Look Back

January 1st, 2013.

The time of year where people make resolutions they won’t keep. Stories abound of the best and worst of the previous year in politics, news, celebrity, Twitter and yes, sports.

As a Twitter sports reporter, naturally I should be writing something about the year that was in Sports/Social Media-2012. It’s the logical thing to do, right?

Well, I am not a Vulcan (I’m a Trekkie, for those who don’t know) so doing the logical thing just didn’t feel right today. But try as I might, I hit a wall when determining what to write.

And then…it hit me.

Don’t Look Back!

It was a sign. I knew it. I couldn’t figure out what to write about so Boston was clearly telling me “Don’t Look Back”. That guitar riff ~ it became my muse.

Why look back at 2012? It was a great year professionally for me but really, what’s 2012 got that 2013 won’t have? 2012 had scandals and more bad stuff in sports than any year I can remember. So, “Don’t Look Back”.

2013 – January 1st – it holds so much promise and optimism. In a sense, it can’t be any worse than 2012, can it? It will be hard to top the Jerry Sandusky and Penn State saga in terms of negative stories of the year. So, “Don’t Look Back”.

Athletes, media and celebrities got themselves in trouble on Twitter – especially one Mr. Chris Brown who proved to the world how ignorant he is. So, “Don’t Look Back”.

That’s enough of 2012. Boston told me “Don’t Look Back” and so I won’t.

I will look forward to 2013 not with resolutions, but rather, with hope. A hope for a better sports social media world. [Dripping with sarcasm there.]

The marriage of sports and social media is entering its fifth year (approximation). Five years are a long time for marriage these days. It hasn’t been without its own struggles, challenges and feuds. I am hopeful that it will continue to grow as one. Twitter will undoubtedly be a major player in sports in 2013 but I’m guessing there might be another start-up or two that might just catch the sports world’s fancy. Something in video or apps would be my best guess, but we’ll see.

Here’s my “Don’t Look Back” list for 2013:

  • NHL – when you finally reach an agreement and resume play on the ice, please – for goodness sakes – “Don’t Look Back” and repeat this again in another 5 or 10 years.
  • Arkansas: I can tell you’re already in “Don’t Look Back” mode. Good riddance to Bobby Petrino. But if you’re really looking forward, how about scheduling Western Kentucky?
  • Canucks: Just “Don’t Look Back” on the 2012 playoffs, okay? Good.
  • Replacement referees: “Don’t Look Back” – heck, “Don’t Go Into The Light”, “Don’t talk with your mouth full”, “Don’t talk back to your mother” — JUST DON’T.
  • Haters: Haters gonna hate. But, if you’re looking forward, you won’t have to hate. See how simple that is? “Don’t look back” haters. “Don’t look back”.
  • Sports media AND Athletes: I’m sure I’ll get some haters on this one (see above if that’s you), but if someone challenges or criticizes you on Twitter or Facebook, just block them. “Don’t Look Back” – just hit the “Block” button. Nothing good comes out of calling them out on Twitter. And just because they comment at you, doesn’t mean they follow you – so the whole argument “Well, you’re following me” doesn’t work. Don’t have to follow someone to reply to them. [That’s not to say, however, don’t address them if they are threatening you – completely different story.]
  • Sepp Blatter: “Don’t Look Back”. Just go. Go away. Go far, far away. Take your millions of dollars that you have “made” over the years and just leave. And don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Good-bye.
  • And finally, fans everywhere: If your team didn’t win a championship, “Don’t Look Back”. It’s quite unbecoming of you when you go off on those rants saying “my team” this or “my team” that. I mean really. Who does that? You’re not sweating and committing hours upon hours into working out and studying game film. You only invest a few hours each week, so to call them “my” as if you own them is just silly.

But since we’re talking about MY teams: Arizona Wildcats and Arizona State Sun Devils – just keep swimming, keep moving forward. We need another championship. “Don’t Look Back”

And I am begging MY teams, the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Mariners, please for goodness sakes, “Don’t Look Back”!!!! It hasn’t been pretty in a long time so there’s nothing good to look back at.

With that, I bid 2012, adieu! Thank you to everyone who follows or read my blog in 2012. I hope you’ll look forward and read more it more in 2013. I won’t look back on 2012 but I will simply revel in that it was a good professional year. May your 2013 be filled with many fantastically social sports moments.


CadChica Sports

(Catch me on Twitter @CadChica)

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