Lightning And Diving And Comments, Oh My!

Part of my job as a social media researcher is to find odd, unique videos, pictures, stories and, of course, tweets. While researching today, I came across the below:


Seeing as how it was just posted a week ago, my first thought was ‘how did I miss this?’. Looking for the story behind it, I, somewhat sadly, discovered it was an old story as evidenced by this video from 2007 (note how an injured player was being interviewed). 




Or should I give a double *sigh* after reading some of the comments for both videos. The constant bashing of soccer or the ever-present argument over football/futbol/American football dominates the dialogue. Or rather, it’s not really dialogue if one is not willing to listen to the other side. 


You’re an idiot. American football is.. Not football. It did not come first. Entertaining? Yes. Football? No. Football has been a sport since before Americans messed with rugby.

FighterPilot72 in reply to montropoly (Show the comment) 2 years ago


I don’t understand why American football is called that (I’m English by the way lol!) because whenever I see footage of American football they rarely use their feet. We don’t call it soccer here, just football………………’cos we use our feet lol!

brandnewyork48 in reply to PwnMuchx (Show the comment) 1 year ago



They sport where everyone feigns injury and exaggerates even the slightest bumps and hits? The sport where a tap on the face makes the player throw himself to the ground with his hands on his face and roll around like he just got struck by lightning? Yep.

RisingPhoenix120 in reply to Jontish316 (Show the comment) 1 year ago


As mother nature says to a footballer, “I’ll give you something to roll around on the ground and cry about!” ————ZZZOT!

VirginianHighlander 1 week ago 5


Name-calling ensued in some cases. Nothing stirs emotions world-wide than the discussion of soccer/football/futbol in any context. 

Rather than posting the negative, derogatory, “passionate” comments, I searched for one or two that were quite the opposite.


The “Can we all get along?” comment:

Why does everyone get so wound up about what people things so what americans have theie own name for it if you criticise someone for something like that you might as well criticise a person speaking a different language because they call it something different as well dont they

MRR4YM4N 1 year ago


The “Truly Sarcastic” or “Truly Clueless” comment:

i dont understand anything

Welcome01213 1 year ago


And finally, the “I have to laugh because I’m a Messi fan” comment:

Good job Ronaldo wasn’t playing!!

Mobey1 1 week ago


Moral of the story? Research.

And always read the YouTube comments.

CadChica Sports

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