Work, Interrupted


Hurricane Sandy has interrupted my job as a social media researcher for a television show. Just stating a fact, not complaining. As such, I have a bit of free time on my hands tonight. My plan was to write a blog post on sports & social media but, after a bit of digging I discovered the post below that I wrote in August but never published.
Why? Heck if I know.
I have not proofread it to see if makes any sense (it might not). But I’m publishing it for one reason. I hate loose ends.
So enjoy reading an old post which may or may not make any sense except to perhaps Washington State or Pac-12 fans. The flow of it is probably off. It could very well be disjointed. Keep this in mind because there’s a good chance that I could (or couldn’t) have changed my mind about what I wrote. 


What do you get when you go to an event you’ve never been to before? The unexpected.

Cliché? Easy answer?

Yes on both counts.

Nothing less should be expected when it comes to college conference media days. That’s exactly where I found myself today…smack dab in the middle of the Pac-12 conference’s media day.

Held at The Gibson Amphitheater at Universal Studios, a day long event where coaches and player representatives meet with media members both in group and individual settings. Answering questions, “Talk about…” or “What do you think…” or “How do you feel…”, throughout the day is just begging for more cliché. Right?

Exactly. Which is why my approach to today proved a bit challenging.


Mike Leach was my first.

My first “official” interview, that is.

The only advice I received was “write your questions down”. Implemented fully, I had questions for everyone from Coach Leach to Coach Steve Sarkisian to Pac-12 Commissioner, Larry Scott. Good plan, I thought. Did I succeed? No.

Coach Leach was my “only” interview of the day. I wouldn’t even call it an interview as there were others present but hey, when I’m old and gray, I can always say “Mike Leach was my first.” [Kidding, Mrs. Leach. Only in interviewing terms.]

Figured I’d break the ice with a softball question: ‘How has the last eight months gone for you and your family since you were announced in November as the new head coach at Washington State?’

Easy, right? Of course. “Busy. Busy for everybody.” Suffice to say, they’ve been busy, particularly Leach. Lots of travel. But they have bought a house, still unpacking boxes, but they’re making it home. [See, I told you it was easy.]

Next question: His expectations in light of what the fans want, which is “bowl-game”. [I should have known better but I wanted to know what he would say.]

Leach: “You know, that’s a little like me asking you if you’re going to win the Pulitzer Prize this year.”

Hoo-boy! Walked right into that one, didn’t I? At least he didn’t say that was a stupid question.

Final question: It was a doozy! I should have just said, “Are you ready for some football?” but, no. I asked

(At least I didn’t call him Coach Price.)


As I reflect on this day, I regret not having talked with Steve Sarkisian from Washington. The feeling I have “right now” is they are an under the radar team. Yes, they were picked to finish third in the difficult Pac-12 North division but, it felt like the attention and non-Seattle/non-Husky expectations are not quite what they could be.


CadChica Sports

[Please note that I am in no way making light of what is going on with Hurricane Sandy.]

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