Ducks (?) Deface The “A”

***UPDATE: scroll to the bottom of post***

Oh it’s on! Those ‘nasty’ Oregon Duck fans crossed the line.


Yes, beloved “A” Mountain (Tempe Butte) was defaced by Oregon Duck fans.

There has been a “good-natured” video battle raging between ASU and Oregon:


Are those videos really worth vandalizing the precious “A”? Why would Oregon fans do something that is normally reserved for ASU’s rival, Arizona? That just seemed odd. It didn’t make sense.

Commence – Investigation!! The first place I stop? Twitter:

Interesting…a tweet by an ASU softball player saying she and her teammate did it.

I RTd her tweet to someone that I’d hope would know:

ASUDevilscom retweeted my tweet and this guy saw it. His reply:

I wasn’t the only one paying attention to his tweet:

Not one to let that go, I asked a simple question:

Awhile later, quite awhile later, I received this reply:

Short. Succinct.

But it makes you wonder. Why would anyone, anyone tweet that, whether true or not?

You decide.


Thankfully, all is back to normal on “A” Mountain.



I was going to let this story go. But, I saw multiple tweets from The Arizona Republic’s, Paola Boivin, on this subject. One of which said this:


Intriguing question. Was it an inside job? Or was the softball player’s tweet a “just kidding” tweet? Paolo Boivin had more:

Those photos? See below:

Was it Oregon fans? According to these pictures, yes. Does it exonerate the ASU players? Not so fast.

See there’s one question I can’t answer. Why did the one player have to send my tweet to the other one? Why not just say it was a joke to me herself. If you didn’t do it, just say so. Right?

Just a thought.


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