Her Tweets Are Not “Elite”

Sometimes I wonder…

About women in sports…

Because there are times…

When you see things like this…


I have no idea who this person is. Chances are Ricky Romero doesn’t want to know her either:


Some poor soul tried to explain to her what the Roberto Clemente Award was:

One would think that after explaining how it’s about community work, “Elite Girl Jen” would get a clue. But, no:


Anyone want to tell me why she has 56K followers after reading those tweets?


Dear “Elite Girl Jen” — As Ricky said, “Get your facts straight!”


UPDATE: She still has no clue.

She supposedly “understands” the award but yet insists that it should only be about on-field performance. In various other tweets on her timeline to others, she goes on to say:

@GregBrittain you’re telling me not ONE other Blue Jays player on the roster was worthy?

It seems more like a confidence booster to me.

And this:

@JohnnyRocAFella actually I didn’t even see anyone say a thing until Ricky went off…

so really no one cared until Ricky lost his cool.

One more for good measure:

@dave_church No his fans did… I never tagged him in the tweet.

a bunch of fans did and chirped him so he had a temper tantrum.

So it’s all Ricky’s fault that “Elite Girl Jen” is comparing a community-service award with on-field performance. And it’s Ricky’s fault that the Blue Jays nominated him. And, of course, it’s also Ricky’s fault that she used his handle in the tweet (which is fine by me) but like most people do on Twitter, he checked his mentions and saw her tweet. If “Elite Girl Jen” didn’t WANT a reaction, then don’t use the player’s handle.

Yes, “Elite Girl Jen”, it’s all the player’s fault.

If “Elite Girl Jen” understood what the award means, and the man’s name on it, then that tweet never should have occurred


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