Regurgitated News

Today’s lesson: Never try to write a post when watching “your team” play.


Tonight, I’m watching the Seattle Sounders take on the Portland Timbers. If Seattle wins, they will win the Cascadia Cup “again”. 3-0 is the score before nearly 67,000 rowdy, raucous fans; not all Sounders fans though. Still, an amazing, impressive effort for Seattle and Major League Soccer.

Nevertheless, you didn’t come to my blog to read about “my” team the Sounders, did you?


So many ideas have popped into my mind to wax poetically on, but, I just haven’t found the time. Multiple occupations (including “Mom”) require full attention. If I can’t give 110% then I’m not doing it.

[Which is why I quit writing last night after the game and resumed this morning which has since turned to this afternoon.]

Pondering this recent story on Bleacher Report, writing on it was a tempting choice. Tempting in that as much as I agree with the majority of it, Bleacher Report is no different from many other sites out there. The Big Lead, “Hot Clicks” by Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina, SB Nation – for lack of a better term, it’s ‘regurgitated news’ in blog form. The news is found, usually through Twitter or websites like Buzzfeed, and posted in their blog. Then it’s shared socially and people “click”. Regurgitation is big business. BUT….

there are many ways to go on this so I’ll save that for another time.

Until then, I spanned the Twitterverse & here’s my “regurgitated news” post:


THE Ohio State University – video game nerds


Christina Aguilera has a new album (do we really call it that still?) out. And she has an interesting album cover. Normally, I wouldn’t write about it on this blog but Buzzfeed has some “photoshop” pics done by their readers and they are OUTSTANDING.


Back to sports – “Do not play with scissors” is a saying we all heard from our parents before we were ever in school.
But scissors on a football field is something else:


The NBA is back. Preseason, that is and as such(I really hope this isn’t photo-shopped):


UFC/MMA is popular. I get it. A few more videos like this bizarre one with Jason “Mayhem” Miller and maybe I might get hooked.


Tifos are awesome, when done right. El Clasico’s — done right:


Speaking of tifos and about those Sounders…..


And finally….I spanned the Twitterverse (just now) and found this awesome pic:


CadChica Sports

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