Am I Crazy?

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

A foray into the world of sports media begins in earnest today. Well technically tomorrow but todaybegan with a bit of travel.

I am in Los Angeles for the Pac-12 Media Day tomorrow. This marks my first venture outside the friendly confines of the Pacific Northwest. Outside the safety & security of the clients I am working for. Nervous? Yes. Why? Honestly, I am a bit intimidated.

No that’s not the right word. Unsure? No that’s not it.

Let me explain. I was in the corporate world for years. Grew tired of it. Sports has always been a passion;amped up by social media. Quit my job to pursue sports/social media as a vocation. No degree. No formal training. Just my passion.

And now, I find myself here. In L.A. Hoping to be the best social media sports reporter at the Pac-12 Media Day tomorrow.

Failure is not an option. But at times doubt does creep in and I think…what am I crazy? Maybe.

Maybe I am crazy to think I can be the best. Maybe I am crazy enough to think I am not out of my league.

Maybe I am.

At least a few companies think crazy like me. Some have me do freelance work for them. And one…one of them has actually hired me.

I will have more on that another time. For now, it is time to finish prepping.

Wish me luck.

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