This Night Wasn’t A Drag

DILEMMA:  A Friday night in June. No football. No soccer. Mariners baseball? No thanks. What to do?

SOLUTION: Drag racing.


The sports fan that I am has limitations. No every sport fits on my enjoyment meter. Cricket? While entertaining to millions around the world, not quite my cup of tea. NBA? You gasp! The NBA & I parted ways a long time ago. Something about some guy named Jordan disillusioned me with a game I loved. But that’s a story for another day. 

Then there’s racing. 

NASCAR. Indy. 

Meh. Take it or leave it…usually leave it for me. 

But along came Friday night. 

Two offerings on the night out at the Raceway Park: ovals & street/drag racing. Being the “journalist” that I am, I took in both events.

One, however, may have just created a new fan.

See if you can guess which one in this slide show:


Admittedly, it was loud. A bit pedestrian at times with several slow cars; one car topped out at 154 mph. To be expected, however, with the night focused on high-school street car racing. A Ford Focus revved its way up to 75+ MPH.  Be still my heart. But it was driven by a young teenage gal so can’t insult the effort. Pink cars, big trucks, beat-up old cars, motorcycles, lots of Camaros and Mustangs, and then a few dragsters (which, while cool to look at, didn’t live up to MY standards).

Everyone’s favorite of the night though, was this little orange thing: 

The saying good things come in small packages? The little orange racer had it. Every race I saw, it blew away the competition. It didn’t look like much but that’s what made it special. “Whoa!” “Cool!” “WTH!” rustled through the crowd. 

Part of the charm of sports is the unexpected. On looks alone, the crowd paid attention but inside each probably expected a loss.

On the outside, it didn’t look like a winner. But in sports and in life, it’s what is on the inside that counts. And in this little electric car’s inside, it had some giddy-up.


 A fan for life? Not yet. 

Enticement is the name of the game for me. Entice me. 

Maybe they will with this: 

Now if only I could hitch a ride….


CadChica Sports

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