Brilliance With A Ball

In football, there simply is nothing more wondrous and beautiful to watch than this:


Lionel Messi is the best player in the world.

In any sport.

No bias in me. True, he is my favorite player. But it is more than that. The quality of play that Messi brings to a game is gratifying, to a fan, to watch.

Gratifying is the key word. How many times, as a fan, can you say you were gratified to watch someone play. Satisfied, maybe but gratified? Hard to say that in sports. It takes a transcendent athlete or moment to make us pause and consume what we witness. Pause and reflect on the swirl of emotions they evoke in us. Joy, exhilaration, awe, wonder, excitement, respectfulness, disbelief, amazement and yes, gratefulness.

It is such with Lionel Messi.

What Messi can do on the pitch, with the ball at his feet is unmatched. His movement without the ball, to find a space where there is no space, whittles away at team/country alliances. Quite simply, he is

Brilliance with a ball.


Reaction from the Twitterverse:



CadChica Sports

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