Video Competition: Son-1, Mom-0

Sports bonds families.

Of all of my kids (I only have three), my oldest son is by far the biggest sports fan. We share a love for our favorite sport (soccer) as well as numerous other sports. And now, I have figured the power of YouTube, when it comes to communicating with him. He is a BIG YouTube fan. I’ve learned to find what he likes and connect with him through it.

Today, courtesy of Deadspin, I was able to share this video with him today:

That guy (Jon Gruden voice), gives a new definition to “Beast”mode. His nickname is “Beast” and I can see why. My son’s reaction? Wow.

I’ll take it.


Thinking I had found something that was, in a word, awesome, to show a 19 year-old…alas, no.

He may have just topped it with this:


Both are awesome but…

I was hoping to come out the winner in this “Look what I found” not-really-a-competition-but-it-is with him…but I guess I lost.

All in good fun. No competitive bones in my body.



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