5 Million Followers, NBA? I’m Unimpressed


The NBA has become the first sports league to reach 5 million followers.

Let’s have a party.

Or not.

Color me unimpressed.

My initial thought immediately turned to individual athletes with double that. I wanted to tweet that but didn’t. I should have now that I see this Mashable article which references my very thought.


They’re the first sports league to 5 million. What does it mean? Is it translating into television ratings? For the record, the season showed a ratings increase. According to The Miami Herald, ABC’s NBA coverage showed an increase of 6% from last season; TNT up 4%.

But what The Miami Herald and many other publications have pointed out, the lockout-shortened season had much to do with the increase. Less of the product in a shorter amount of time, naturally viewers will flock to the product.


Does that make the 5 million followers number significant? No. Not when you consider the NFL, in that same Mashable article, has 3.3 million followers but yet is king among all sports in television ratings and network advertising in the United States.

Just published yesterday, Bloomberg’s Businessweek.com indicated that “football-rich CBS will outdraw News Corp.’s Fox and the other networks next season in the target group, predicts Brad Adgate, research director at Horizon Media”. That “target group” is the all important 18-49 demographic that advertisers crave so much.

Note the term “football-rich”. Not NBA-rich…that’s ABC/ESPN (how’s that working out .

“Football-rich” = the NFL.

Followers aren’t everything. Viewers are. And the NFL’s got them.


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