You Can Thank Me Now, Phoenix Sports Fans


I love Arizona.

Grew up and raised there. All of my family still calls it home. Love going to visit but my, my, my has it changed since “I” left.


Nothing but a Phoenix Suns town. That is how I knew Phoenix to be. Not long after I left, the sports scene exploded.

[Yes, you can thank me now Phoenix sports fans.]

(Phoenix) Arizona Cardinals. Arizona Diamondbacks. Phoenix Coyotes. All have joined the Phoenix Suns and propelled Phoenix as a major sports city in this country.

[Yes, all since I left 23 years ago. Sigh]

The Diamondbacks have won the World Series. The Cardinals played in the Super Bowl. And now….now, the Coyotes begin their quest tonight to reach the Stanley Cup Finals. They take on the Los Angeles Kings (of Anaheim…kidding Kings fans) in the Western Conference Finals. A quest once thought unlikely given the ownership situation to open the season. But things appear to be resolved as of last week and the Coyotes will remain in Phoenix (Glendale).

[I know. I know. I don’t live there anymore so it’s all good for Phoenix sports fans.]


Missing out on the growth and fun of the Phoenix sports scene has been….a struggle. My affection for the Suns has waned. My love for the Seattle Mariners has grown. My devotion to the Oakland Raiders has never changed. But, I’ve never latched on to one particular hockey team. Oh sure, I’ve cheered for the Detroit Red Wings and New Jersey Devils in the past but they weren’t “my” team. The only hockey team I had to cheer as a kid were the Phoenix Roadrunners. Sigh.

So now we have the ‘yotes.

Do I jump? Do I jump on the bandwagon? Do I dare give my “sports heart” to a team on the verge of more history?

Heck, yeah! I’m in! If for no other reason than I would love to see it happen. For my friends. For my family. For the city I left behind.

Will Phoenix fans let me do that? I mean, after all, if it wasn’t for me leaving….you’d never have what you have now sports-wise, right?

Thank me now Phoenix sports fans. Thank me now.


CadChica Sports

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