If You’re A Cubs Fan, Is Hopefulness Futile?

Received an interesting tweet from a friend of mine today:

I tried to be encouraging with the standard “it’s a long season”.

But as I look at the standings now (as listed on espn.com), maybe Cory is right.


162 games in the Major League Baseball season. My “long season” reasoning is truth. But in the minds of many Cubs fans like Cory, there’s little consolation when the team is already 6 games behind in an always tough National League Central Division. Other Cub fans agree with Cory:


Which has me wondering…when is it too early to give up on a baseball season? Is April too early? What about before the first pitch of the season? Is March too early?

What about San Diego Padres fans? Or Houston Astros? I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask about “my” team, the Seattle Mariners fans? Is this season hopeless already?

The Cubs are in their 104th year of World Series futility. Given their start already this season, should Cub fans give up hope, despite 149 games to go in the season prior to today’s game with the Cincinnati Reds? Will Cubs fans give new General Manager Theo Epstein a chance to turn things around?


Perhaps that’s part of being a baseball fan. Living through the highs and lows of every pitch, every game, each and every season. Anger at management for “not” making the right moves or the lack thereof. Exhilaration at the players for pulling out win after win after win. 162 games every year. All in the pursuit of a championship.

Can a team win a championship in April?

Or is April hope, at this point, futile?


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