Simple Words, Open Wounds

I hesitated.

Hesitated to write on a subject that, while familiar with, I found was better left to the “experts”.

But the gnawing persisted. I could not shake the feeling I needed to write.


There are very few sports media that I have a hard time listening to or reading their work. Because of television and social media exposure, we (fans) are able to see another side of the media that we did not have when I was a kid. True personalities are broadcasted for all the world to see. And judge.

The Miami Herald’s Dan Le Batard is one of those people. Having seen much of his work for ESPN, I could see that his “personality” and mine would never mesh. Not that I will ever meet him, obviously, but sometimes…you just know.

As a result, I tend to disregard much of what he says. There are others like him, whom sports fans simply love and live on their every word. That’s their right. Not me.

However, as I began to research for this post, I came across a piece today in The Miami-Herald by Le Batard that made me take notice of what he had to say. From “Age A Factor In Opinion Of Miami Marlins’ Ozzie Guillen Flap“:

“…even Miami’s passionate Cuban community was divided about what the appropriate, proportional
punishment for Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen should be for his pro-Fidel Castro comments.
And that the division was, by and large, generational.”


There is pain on their faces. Heartbreak in their voices. Memories that they will carry to their grave, stirred up “again” by simple words. Simple, in that, they words are easy to speak, easy to say, easy to release out of one’s mouth. Simple as a knife. Cutting, piercing, stabbing at old wounds whose scars have never fully healed. The scars no longer exist because the wounds have not fully healed. They are too deep. The anger and bitterness allowed to simmer below the surface. Waiting for a boiling point of words, like Guillen’s, so the steam can be released yet again.

No one who has lived through what they lived through can understand it. I do not pretend to nor do I discard it.

“My parents watched Guillen get turned into a piñata last week, an uneducated man groveling
after wading into political waters over his head, and it brought back bad memories of punishment
for speech, so they didn’t want him fired, either, even as it got them called communists
by loud and angry neighbors. I can’t help but wonder, strong as my conviction can be sometimes,
if my opinion might be different, or dissolved completely into intolerance, if I had come to find
my mother in tears over what Guillen had said.” – Dan Le Batard


Guillen has apologized. The Miami Marlins have suspended him for five games. What’s next?

Will the protestors continue until Guillen is fired? If he is fired, will the story die? As the older Cuban-American dies off, and, eventually the Castro brothers die too, what then?

If Guillen is fired, will those same protestors “support” the Miami Marlins team by going to their games? If they push their agenda and get their way with the Marlins, isn’t that the natural step to take on their part? ‘If they are your team, and you are telling them what to do and they do it, the natural conclusion is to support them by attending games right?’


Alas, nothing is simple when it comes to politics. And nothing is as simple as our words, right? Do as we say, not as we do.


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