Classless Clowe

Cheating happens.

Whether it is in life, business or sport, cheating happens. There are laws, regulations and rules that are put in place to prevent, or mete out discipline, to deter it from happening. Does that mean they work? Of course not. Cheating happens. And there are many sports fans that just don’t care.

How else to explain a rally to “Save Coach Petrino” in Arkansas? [In case you have been under a rock, Petrino was involved in an inappropriate (think, cheating) relationship with an Arkansas athletic department employee whom had recently received a promotion.] Cheating, lying…it’s okay as long as our team is winning.

But in the case of Ryan Clowe in the video above, is that okay? Clowe is the San Jose Sharks’ player that stuck his stick out to inhibit the progress on the ice of the Los Angeles Kings’ Jarret Stoll. Clowe was on the bench, not involved in action on the ice, but yet he made his presence felt in-game.

Was that right? Of course not. It was a classless display of sportsmanship. There is no excuse for what he did nor is there an excuse for him playing dumb in answering questions about it after. According to a Yahoo! Sports article, “When asked about the play after the game, Clowe said he had no idea what the media was talking about“.

In that same Yahoo! Sports article, there is no rule or regulation with which to discipline Clowe. None. In other words, he’s getting away with cheating.


On the flip side, he’s not getting away from fan wrath on Twitter:

Possibly the worst of all:


I will never condone fan reaction “directed” at anyone like that on Twitter. But, if you (Ryan Clowe) have the idea to cheat and do so willingly, then fans will respond in kind.


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