Sunday Madness. Amen. |Story 3

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    I knew my bracket was done when Missouri lost. This just keeps adding on. #MarchMadness
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    When theres basketball on the tv I cant get any of my homework done #marchmadness
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    All these high seeds taking L’s. Not sparty though #GoGreen #MichiganSt
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    I don’t have Saint Louis winning this round in my bracket but I’m pulling for the slt billikens!! Lets go SLU!!!
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    Hate to say it, b/c the only #MarchMadness Ive experienced this tourney is frustration at my clients good fortune. IMO, Sparty over the Lou
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    After working all day I’m ready to watch a spartan victory. Countin on you sparty! #GoGreenGoWhiteLetsGoState
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    Rick Majerus n the #Billikens may have something for Sparty! Majerus is at his best when he’s an underdog! #MarchMadness
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    Two great coaches about to go to battle. #stlouis #sparty #letsgomsu
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    Tom Izzo is pure class! And he’s a better coach than that guy in Duke who is put on a pedestal, yeah i said it!!!
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    Outstanding basketball players being coached by the notorious TOM IZZO exemplifies a championship team to me #Msu #Spartans
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    From an Xs and Os point of view, you don’t get much better than Tom Izzo and Rick Majerus. #ncaa #big10 #marchmadness
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    Saint Louis is all sorts of out-of-control right now. If MSU scores here, Majerus should take a timeout. #NCAAColumbus
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    My Spring Break is consisting solely of March Madness, Spring Training, and Hunger Games. And I’m ok with that. #relaxed
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    That fan cam state farm commercial for march madness is seriously my favoritee
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    State Farm® – State of Fandom (Fan Cam)
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    Halftime: MSU 26, Saint Louis 21. #MSUNCAA
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    Why is it still a surprise to CBS that Michigan State doesn’t have a big halftime lead. When do we ever? #MSUNCAA
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    #MichiganSt & #StLouis both shooting terribly. 5 point lead for #1 Michigan St at halftime #MarchMadness
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  25. CadChica Sports

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