Sunday Madness. Amen. | Story 2

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    Brackets been busted. I guess I’ll just enjoy the games #MarchMadness
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    Very nice start to the second half #Wolfpack.. Keep it up and things may be looking #sweet!!
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    hey guys your supposed to pass to people wearing the same jersey as you #NCST #Georgetown #sloppyTOs
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    NCST is just playing with more heart. They want it more than the Hoyas.
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    C’mon Hoyas y’all gotta withstand this run by NcSt #GTown
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    if both teams have low scores its either they suck or have great defense in this case state and Georgetown suck !!!
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    North Carolina State can go on quick runs. Wolfpack still allowing Georgetown to hang around. Hoyas are too good of team to let stay close.
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    The Hoyas used to be one of the top teams in college ball, but their quality has dropped.
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    Wolfpack givin these Hoyas a ball game
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    Georgetown really needs someone that can play good d in the paint. #GOHOYAS
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    Why didn’t I pick NC State to win 2? I’ve only been a fan for 29 years. #wolfpack #marchmadness #rememberjimmyv
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    SWEET 16 I TASTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #WOLFPACK #NCSTATE
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    This Wolfpack vs Hoyas game is one heck of a canine fight!
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    Damn my HOYAS lookin weak..still got Faith doe.
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    We have a game ladies/gents Let’s Go Hoyas
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    Hoyas are makin it a game though.. #MarchMadness
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    My wolfpack proving the haters wrong
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    This NC State/Georgetown game is INTENSE!
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    I gotta feelin NC state bout to lose
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    G’town vs. NC State! #MarchMadness
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    Great game to start the day off! #marchmadness! #besttimeofyear
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    Is there gonna be a buzzer beater for once?
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    MARCH MADNESS!!! Whew…what a game between NCState-Hoyas. #lovemarchmadness #UPSET
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    Omg omg omg omg #PACK #NCState #wolfpackbaby
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    #NCSU gonna win this game with 10.6 seconds left? I hope so, that my mom can settle down lol
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    And the Wolfpack move on to the sweet 16 by beating 3 seed Georgetown.#GoPack!
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    Oh my gosh! The Wolfpack are in the sweet sixteen! #NCState #GoPack #ilovethewolfpack #MarchMadness
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    I believe in the underdoggggg #GOPACK
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    Much as I love the Hoyas they have always proven inconsistent.
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    its cool, we were ahead of schedule this season anyway #hoyas
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  45. CadChica Sports

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