Happy St. Madness Day | Story 7

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    Go ahead and don’t put Wiscy in your sweet 16 every year. #metomyself #neverwinapool
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    #Badgers squeak past #Vandy…60-57 the final…Wisconsin will take on #Cuse next.
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    Sorry to all Vandy fans…..Badgers roll on!!!
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    Took a gamble on Vandy and lost. Other than that, I’m doing pretty well today. #MarchMadness
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    Indiana’s band continues to get more and more stale compared to #VCU’s #PlaySomethingOtherThanFightSong
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    VCU pep band plays Portland
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    Cardinal and Gold is the new Green. Go Cyclones!!! #cyclonenation #cyclones
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    I have a strange feelin that this Iowa St vs UK game gone be an upset
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    Iowa St is helpin us out by missing those easy shots. #nailbiter
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    Nothing like pissing off Michigan State fans at their hotel in Columbus who want to watch the Big Ten schools as I watch UK play. #BBN
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    My bracket is shot now that Vandy is out…but on to the next. Go CATS! #BBN
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    Terrible final minute for the #Cyclones
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    My bracket is literally garbage. #MarchMadness. I’m last in my work bracket contest. :((
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    the NBA gets no love with #MarchMadness
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