Happy St. Madness Day | Story 5

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    This Marquette/Murray State game is non-stop. It is awesome.
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    If you are not watching #Racers-#GoldenEagles right now, you’re missing an instant classic!
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    I loved #AfroEd before you did! #Racers
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    Damnnn this murray st. an marquette game is the best game ive seen in 4everrrr !!!!! rootin for murray st !!!
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    Murray St. v Marquette is a damn good game!
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    I may need to step away from the tv during this basketball game… #frustration #marchmadness #marquette
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    the marquette/ murray st game is goin hard! I’m out of breath just watching it.
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    murray state made their run time to take their best punch and respond!!! LETS GO MARQUETTE
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    Marquette ? C’mon son… Get it together… 7 mins left
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    10-20 shooting for #badgers now, 4-12 on treys. Vandy 6-18, 2-9 on 3s and 7-8 on FTs. Freebies keeping them in the game. Both teams in bonus
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    Commodores shooting just 6-of-18 from the field so far this game. Wisconsin has hit 10/20 attempts. Badgers up 25-21 with 3:55 left in half
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    I usually dont like vandy but since I put them in my final four I’m pulling for em like its alabama football! c’mon dores
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    Having Vandy win in your bracket but wanting Wisconsin to win. #MarchMadnessProblems
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    Brad Tinsley with another 3 at the buzzer!!!! Halftime score: Wisconsin 32, Vanderbilt 31
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    13-2 run by Marquette. Danger time for my Racers.
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    Not so much I have them winning it all. I just want an underdog to win it all #Racers
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    David Crowder is monster and #beast #sogood #Marquette #goldeneagles
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    Come on Marquetee just hang in there for 4 more min and we advance to the sweet 16. #GoldenEagles
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    Buzz Williams is coaching well enough to waltz to a Kentucky Blue Grass after this one. Let’s see if Marquette can hold.
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    #MurrayState and #Kentucky’s bands just had a joint effort on the song Shout. Both bands got a kick out of it. #MarchMadness #Louisville
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    This game has me on edge. #MurrayState #Marquette #marchmadness
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    Watching Marquette/Murray State and remembering when former USC coach Bill Foster had a heart issue after Cocks pulled the upset in the 80s
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    This is the most fun I’ve had watching Marquette since Dwyane Wade’s college years.
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    Hoping the luck of the irish is with the hoosiers tonight! #iubb #hoosiernation
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    Shaka’s chaos, meet Indiana. Kim Kardashian thinks this game is moving too fast! First MTO – #Indiana leads #VCU – 13-8.
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    Indiana vs. VCU?? I have Wichita St. winning this game! wonder how thats gonna work out for me? #MarchMadness
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    Burgess hot from outside but Indiana scoring inside. Hoosiers lead #VCU 13-8 15:01 to go first half #cbs6 #ramnation
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    Murray State handled the Marquette athleticism a lot better than I thought they would. Looks like they’re going to come up short, though.
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    Thank you #MurraySt #Marquette for that game. Best watch of the tournament so far.
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