Happy St. Madness Day | Story 3

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    Ohio State vs Gonzaga = big boy basketball
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    That white boy playing for Ohio state good
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    #Buckeyes impressive getting back in transition after Thomas’ 3. Big key in this game. #buckbk
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    Ohio State appears to care today.
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    Defensive effort just not there for zags…could be early dagger
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    For having incredible talent, Elias Harris misses a lot of shots inside 10 feet. #Zags
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    Come on Buckeyes let’s go!!! #nervous
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    Actually, you know what? Piss on my bracket! Go #Zags! I hate Ohio State anyway! #marchmadness
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    Gonzaga is looking to cause some more uproar in the college bball world #MarchMadness
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    RT @Follow24Hodge: Let’s go #OSU stop playing w/ the #Zags… Well you might as well lose anyway.. My bracket explosion is already complete!
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    Yes!! Zags cover with that garbage 3
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    Good Season Zags,proud of you guys,Sacre and Carter always enjoyed watching u guys played,hate to see the season end
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    Zags trying to hang tough, but it looks to be a little bit too late
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    Sharpie…Ohio State…Zags just couldn’t hit any shots down the stretch
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    Congrats to my alma mater, Ohio State for defeating Gonzaga, 70-66. Bulldogs were very worthy opponents. Buckeyes now in Sweet 16!
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    Pacific Time Zone has been dismissed from the NCAA Tournament.
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