Madness – March 3:16 | Story 7

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    Shock the World!!!! Who are we? WE ARE NORFOLK STATE! BEHOLD!!!
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    Video: The exciting last few minutes of Norfolk State 86, Missouri 84
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    Saw one of my kids do something special about two hours ago, so it’s hard to get suicidal over an NCAA tournament loss.
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    #UpsetCity! Norfolk State defeats Missouri 86-84. Just 1.2 percent of Tournament Challenge brackets had the Spartans over Mizzou.
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    Kyle O’Quinn and Norfolk State just reminded us all why we love March Madness. Great story.
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    Behold the GREEN & GOLD! Proud of my #NSU Spartans. We did it fellas. Haha big upset! Guess they learned today! Proud to be a #NSUSpartan
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    if it happens, I’m saying I did call St. Louis to beat Memphis as soon as that game was revealed on Sunday
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    Memphis is only slightly more tolerable now that Calipari doesn’t coach there anymore.
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    Saint Louis fans appeared to enjoy the final score of the Missouri game. A little in-state rivalry?
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    can Saint Louis PLEASE not beat Memphis? my bracket can’t handle this lol.
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    #marchmadness #ohio looks good early…must be the green and white unis! #msu #big10 #ncaa #beatuofm
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    Get after if Bobcats. Make the State of Ohio 3/3 in the tourney. #MarchMadness
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    This is the only time i want Duke to win because i dont want them messing up my bracket either, but Lehigh better make it a close game.
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    Seriously #Duke, let’s please not go down the Missouri path! #NCAA #marchmadness
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    First time in my life i didnt pick duke to win it all. And i picked mizzou…
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    With the amount of white guys on the court during Lehigh/Duke, it looks like a game at the Y in Andover.
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    If Duke gets pass Lehigh, Notre Dame &Baylor are the biggest potential threats left before a possible matchup w/the Wildcats in the Elite 8!
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    I should be from Indiana because I enjoy watching Indiana, Notre Dame, and Purdue play, and I’m a die hard ND fan on the Women’s side.
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    My heart just stopped every time they showed Purdue Pete! #truelove! 🙂
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    @smcgaels @matthewdelly Game time. Play your heart out!!! Let’s go Gaels. #beatpurdue #marchmadness
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    It’s time for the #Gaels to shine and Matthew Dellavedova to show up to the country! Let’s go St. Mary’s get that W! #BeatPurdue
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    #MarchMadness – After Norfolk State’s win over Mizzou, there are only 2 perfect brackets left in Tournament Challenge (out of 6.45 million)
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