Madness – March 3:16 | Story 6

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    If Norfolk State wants to destroy my Final Four, I’m fine with that.
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    I am going to go on record and say this is somehow Mike Anderson’s fault. #mizzoutweet
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    This feels like 40 minutes of fifth down. #mizzoutweet
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    Well the game was sort of close for a lil while.. Now my catamounts are getting stomped. Kinda figures playing NC. #StillProud
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    #truetweet RT @AFree88: I thought i would NEVER say this but tarheels look good today. But don’t get it twisted I’m still#TEAMDUKE
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    Go Tarheels! This game is too embarrassing right now lol.. UNC is killing ’em.
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    Tarheel vs Catamounts. I’m pretty sure neither of those is actually a thing.
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    My schools don’t always lose in the tournament, but when they do, it is to North Carolina.
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    KU and Kstate all rooting for Norfolk St…
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    Finish strong, #Norfolk. #Mizzou very beatable right now. #NCAA
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    Mizzou better not screw up my bracket
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    Love to watch the Twitter angst of pulling for an upset vs. getting their bracket busted. Joys of #marchmadness
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    I need Mizzou to win, but you have to cheer for the underdog
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    Ummm… I have Mizzou in my Final Four !!! FML !!!
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    Refs starting to have a Cuse feel to them…
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    Just looked at the replay. The #Norfolk player did not have both feet inbounds when he touched that deflected pass. #ncaa
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    Norfolk state jus killed EVERYONES bracket. Lmfao. *shrugs. It aint that necessary
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    This is why I love #marchmadness! Norfolk St. with the upset!!
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    Norfolk state beats missouri! And my bracket is ruined
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    Tournament Brackets are officially busted! Norfolk over Mizzou…nobody seen that coming
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    SEC! SEC! SEC! #Mizzou #MarchMadness
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