Madness: March 3:16 | Story 5

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    Good win, but I’m sorry yall beloved Gators will lose their next game @TuneSquad14 @swade_beatz #Mizzou
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    Nice Tourney showing for Tony Bennett…#sarcasm
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    Great singer also MT @DarrylSlater Tony Bennett is a good coach with a good future at Virginia ran into a very bad matchup with Florida
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    A Hoya is a climbing of sprawling evergreen shrub. How can any team with that as their name win? #gobelmont
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    belmont my one cinderella #gobelmont
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    Cmon Belmont need the upset #finalfourpick #gobelmont
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    I dont want to see the Hoyas lose earlier than they are supposed to this year
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    I’m loving my Hoyas score at the moment
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    Funny shirt saw this morning in Portland: “Shaka The World.” Yep #VCU keeps doing that.
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    Almost home and when I get there I’m turning on the NCAA tourney’s and crashing in my bed w/ a “thud”
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    How’s everyone’s brackets doing?? I think I’ve lost 3-4 games so far #MarchMadness
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    florida state better get the lead out! really screw my bracket if you bow out. #MarchMadness
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    Two #FSU players just grabbed mops and cleaned up after they fell. See mom’s…they do listen to you! #MarchMadness
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    i hope #mizzou bring that hardware home
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    Smh Mizzou being real wack right now
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    Sitting next to the Norfolk State band. They are incredibly good.
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    Haha best part about MU vs Norfolk St game. Norfolk St cheerleaders and band #wannabemarchingcobras
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    My tarheels need to step it up… not playing to my standards
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    To everyone’s tweets about Creighton.. GO TARHEELS!
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    Vermont is giving it there all!!! Let’s goooo!!!!
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    Sorry Vermont even though you’re my home state, gotta go with the heels right now
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    I like Vermont. They got spunk…
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