Madness: March 3:16 | Story 4

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    we were supposed to be good this year #WTF anthony grant
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    Thank you #Creighton! I needed that!
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    Creighton–you ruined my no-miss day #MarchMadness
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    Needed Texas and bama to win smh
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    And the officials blow another game. Didn’t want #bama to win, but the Bama player was obviously fouled on the elbow on that last shot. …
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    #beatdownalert Gators up by 26 on Virginia
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    Virginia just can’t match up with Florida! Representing SEC!! #Gators
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    dannnng wasn’t that UVA game close earlier? smh.
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    I am cheering for #GoBonnies over #Noles on #MMLive.
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    The bar. Lookin good. The Noles, not so good.
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    Looking up the standings in my pool is about to become a lot less fun if FSU can’t get it together in the next 20 minutes. #noles
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    Time to get your #Belmont on, America. The Bruins are six games away from immortality.
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    Morning everyone! Today’s the big day, let’s beat Georgetown! #itsbruintime
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    To all you scrubs who picked against Georgetown: You gon learn today! #hoyas!!
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    Someone told me Belmont bad matchup for GU due to height. #HOYAS matchup brilliantly in length with any team.
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    FWIW: I did not pick Belmont today. G’town will choke, but they can bully these kids.
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